Prints and Frames


At Lime Studio you can view all offered products such as prints and framed artworks and get inspirations for your own work.

In the Viewing Session we will help you in the decision making and offer our expertise to showcase your portraits in the most beautiful way.

We offer value-packages that can be put together for you when you come to the viewing session.

Printed Artpieces (unframed)


All Prints are professionally retouched and printed on archival materials

You can choose between ‘photographic paper’ and ‘art paper’.

Available from $270.


Framed Artwork


All frames are custom made. We offer a large range of sizes and mouldings. You can choose between matted and non-matted and floated artworks.

We help you decide the best framing option for your photographs. We are experts in framing artwork and ensure your work will be presented in the best possible way.

Beautifully framed artworks for the wall start at $295 .

You will receive artworks that are more than just a picture of you or your loved one. They are an investment just like a collectors item. They are made of the highest quality, using archival materials, and of course contain a stunning photographic portrait work of you or your family that will stand the test of time and bring delight for the years to come.


Face mount on Acrylic


Face mounting is an extremely cool and modern way of showcasing an artwork.

Mostly seen in contemporary Art Galleries and Museums, a photographic print is being mounted with its photographic face to a clear Acrylic Glass.  A second Acrylic sheet is being mounted permanently on the back.

The result is an enormously clear and glossy product. The photograph literally starts shining and glowing.

Usually it has a rail on the back for hanging and the work is presented frame-less. The print is sandwiched between the acrylic sheets and is 99% protected from UV light. Face mounts start at $500.


When we know what you are after we can create value packages for you that suit your needs and fit your home. Get 2 or more framed artworks for discounted prices.

At first glance you might think that the prices are high. But if you break it down and consider that you are investing in personal memories in form of timeless art pieces then it will be well worth it. Your kids will be grateful for not only having a digital snapshot of themselves and their parents. They will cherish the craftsmanship and painterly qualities of the art pieces that manifest the past and transport memories into the present. Lime Studio Photography works with a highly professional team of printers and framers and guarantees perfect results.

Digital Files

Digital files can be purchased. We offer digital files suitable for social media and packages of high res files suitable for printing at a later time. All digital files are beautifully retouched. Starting at $225.

We are proud to create outstanding photographic art pieces and it is our aim to make you the happiest person when looking at the images we achieved together.


Selected artworks and prints can be purchased in the Viewing Session. We accept Eftpos Debit and Credit Cards, Cash and Online banking. We offer instalment payments over a period of 3 months.



Please explain in a few words what you are after and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.