The photo session for the family

At Lime Studio Photography you are in the hands of an experienced, professional and dedicated Photographer. The photo session will be tailored to your needs.

We are committed to deliver outstanding artwork. For a great outcome we like to talk to you prior to the photo session to discuss details, exchange ideas and learn what you are after.  

The actual photo shoot will take normally 60 min. Circumstances can shorten or extend the time of the session. Most important to us is that we create outstanding portraits of you and your family. We usually finish a session only when we are sure that we got the desired results.

Portrait Studio Session

Lime Studio  $ 250
  • for newborn, babies, kids, family
  • 60-90 min / unlimited poses
  • one 8x10 inch print

Pet Studio Session

Lime Studio  $ 175
  • for dogs, cats, horses and others
  • 60-90min / unlimited poses
  • one 8x10 inch print


great: $2400  -  greater: $2800
  • great: 4 hours, up to 150 files
  • greater: 8 hours, up to 300 files
  • one large 12x18 inch print of your choice

Family weekend location session

At your home  / location  $ 275
  • greater Auckland
  • unlimited poses / 90 min
  • one 8x10 print

Corporate Portrait Studio session

for Professionals $325
  • 90 minutes
  • Full Portrait Session
  • one digital fully retouched high res file


for Professionals  $ 425
  • Photo Shoot anywhere in Greater Auckland
  • Portraits, Architecture, Interior, Products / 120min
  • one digital fully retouched high res file

please note: Session fees above do not include digital files, prints and artwork unless stated.

What to wear

It is up to you if you want to look formal or casual, elegant or cool. However we think it is best to avoid irritating patterns such as stripes and fluorescent bright colours. If your whole family comes it is a good idea to create a harmonious look throughout by having colours that match. Also consider that the family portrait looks good when you are all dressed for the same occasion and appear unified.

Bring a second outfit- a top with a different colour, or a Cardigan etc. In our experience it is often beneficial to have little accessories we can add such as summer hats for the ladies, sunglasses, hand bags, umbrella etc. Favourite toys for the little ones are a good idea too. It gives them something familiar to hold on to and to interact with.

Kids, Toddlers, Babies and Newborns

Kids of all ages are beautiful to photograph. To capture their spontaneity, innocence and youthfulness on camera is just wonderful. We make them look adorable and just love to interact with them.

You know your kids and their needs. Bring anything you think might help to keep them entertained and happy. Usually there is fun enough during the photo session to keep them happy and we have a few tricks but better to have a little extra items in the bag that can help them to feel good and at ease– just in case. Those items can be toys, the favorite pillow or treats.

Newborns in the early days are great to photograph. They are not very active and quite relaxed. We can photograph them in all desired poses without any resistance.

When your Baby learns to sit. It starts investigating and has those beautiful big curious eyes. This is a great time in life to get great portraits.

1 year and older babies are sometimes little rockstars. Cute, great, happy, sad – whatever the emotions- they are active and start having personalities. Not always easy to photograph but wonderful challenging. You know best what time of day your little one is at ease, most relaxed and happy. This Is the time the session should take place.


We love dogs and cats and parrots and hamsters and ......!

 So if you want to bring them please do so! Good idea to walk dogs a few minutes prior to the photo session so they have no natural needs. Also good to have treats which often help to get the pets to do what we want them to do.


We will have a Pre-Wedding meeting at Lime Studio. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your Wedding day and plan for a successful Photo Shoot. In case you can not come we can do that on the telephone and via email.

The viewing session

1-2 weeks after the shoot we ask you to come to the studio for viewing. We will present the images on a large screen so the whole family can comfortably see them. The viewing session is fun and we recommend that all adults that were participating in the photo session are present.

Purchases of prints and framed artworks will be done in the viewing session. For more information go to 'Prints & Frames' section.

We accept Eftpos, online banking and cash.